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About Me




Hello, my name is Cortney Kern and live near Chicago. Appreciate you taking an interest in what I do. 


Over the last five years, I have obtained a knowledge of brewing flavor consistent coffee with my specialty coffee roasts. And the ability of precision pulled hand tamped, dialed in, espresso shots. Along with applying the skills necessary for a variety of manual brewing methods and creating perfectly textured milk-based drinks.


I chose the name Barista Maniac because of the amount of knowledge I've obtained and skills. Assuring you that I can offer an insane amount tips, tricks and gourmet results. Looking to build recipes for your coffee business? How about creating your own gourmet syrups? Latte art training? Palate training? Opening a new business? Guest Barista? Private event? Wedding? All of these I can help you with and have a pretty extensive client list to match. 






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